All Things Being Equal

NZ Listener, May 1-7 2010 Vol 223 No 3651 Cover Story: “All Things Being Equal” by Staff Writers NOTE: Subheadings and emphases added by this blogger. New Zealanders once prided themselves on being an egalitarian society, but research shows we not only tolerate increasing income disparity but appear to welcome it.

Our Reptilian Overlord

Wonkette: New Zealand Prime Minister claims he’s not a lizard person, which is exactly what lizard people would say Some of the weirder comments: # Key said, “I have no more comment on this matter. Now I have some basking to do.” # As Key turned to walk from the podium, he caught an errant […]

Key’s Apartheid Amnesia

Perhaps the most scathing and chillingly accurate article ever written about John Key. Key might never have called Mandela a terrorist, but his 1980s apathy over apartheid is arguably more troubling for what it reveals about the shallow nature of his politics, and his very motivations for going into public service. During the period when […]