Funky "Passion" Facts

Here are some choice quotes from Gibson: “Passion” Sprung from Suicide ThoughtsIn a revealing interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer […] on “Primetime,” Gibson explained that for him the making of the controversial film was cathartic, that he set out to make it over 10 years ago because he had reached “the height of spiritual […]

About ‘The Passion’

Of course, I can’t wait to see it. I have heard some interesting stories about the making of the movie. You know how on the sets of diabolical movies such as ‘the Omen’ or ‘the Crow’, scary things happen and people are hurt or killed? Well the converse is true for ‘the Passion’. In an […]

Listener gets a lesson

NZ’s beloved Listener generally espouses a new-age, liberal, Lloyd Geering woolly view of Christianity. This typical media ignorance is nicely punctured with this letter to the editor (not available on their site), printed in issue 3323: Philip Matthews writes of Bishop Holloway’s Doubts and Loves making a “valuable and persuasive effort to salvage something useful […]

Nerdy explanations of Occam’s Razor

In a typical slashdot thread about dark matter, there’s a couple of enlightening contributions on Occam’s Razor: For instance, if I find a pinecone lying on the ground under a pine tree, the simplest explanation is that it fell off of the pine tree. Sure, it might have been planted there by invisible space aliens […]

Judicial hypocrisy over meat ads

The Herald reports that the Meat Board cannot show a certain TV ad. The ad depicts butchers celebrating meat, by chanting like Hare-Krishna devotees. The powers that be deem a humorous ad ‘unacceptable’, while grotesque displays such as excrement, the prophylactic Virgin, children’s genitalia, ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’ etc etc are permitted in the […]

Prodigal Project

Intro to The Prodigal Project – journey into the emerging church by Mike Riddell, Mark Pierson, Andrew Lorien, and Cathy Kirkpatrick. It provides insights into current trends in Western culture, particularly the decline of church attendance. Over the last half of the twentieth century, the great ship of Western culture has been listing, terminally holed […]