About ‘The Passion’

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Of course, I can’t wait to see it. I have heard some interesting stories about the making of the movie. You know how on the sets of diabolical movies such as ‘the Omen’ or ‘the Crow’, scary things happen and people are hurt or killed? Well the converse is true for ‘the Passion’. In an interview at NewsMax.com, James Caviezel, the actor portraying Jesus talks about being struck by lightning in the crucifixion scene! Also, by the Lord’s grace, there were many conversions!
Michael Gove of timesonline.co.uk (pricey subscription site) writes an enticingly accurate blurb thus:

Hollywood indulges every passion save for one
“There is one sure way to put yourself beyond the pale in Hollywood — make a film in which the central elements of the Christian faith are treated truly, without irony, subversion or mockery.”

And not forgetting my daily favourite, ChristianityToday has a massive collection of great articles.


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