Funky "Passion" Facts

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Gibson: “Passion” Sprung from Suicide Thoughts
In a revealing interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer […] on “Primetime,” Gibson explained that for him the making of the controversial film was cathartic, that he set out to make it over 10 years ago because he had reached “the height of spiritual bankruptcy”. The Hollywood star admits that things got so bad he once contemplated suicide by hurling himself out a window.

“I just didn’t want to go on,” he confided to Sawyer. “I was looking down thinking, ‘Man, this is just easier this way. You have to be mad, you have to be insane, to despair in that way. But that is the height of spiritual bankruptcy. There’s nothing left.”

Instead, he said he turned back to the word of God. “I think I just hit my knees. “I just said, ‘Help.’ You know? And then, I began to meditate on it, and that’s in the Gospel. I read all those again. I remember reading bits of them when I was younger. Pain is the precursor to change, which is great,” Gibson said. “That’s the good news.”

He recalled that the “spiritual bankruptcy” led him to reexamine Christianity, and ultimately to create “The Passion of the Christ” – “my vision . with God’s help” of the final hours in the life of Jesus.

Gibson: God Sent Me ‘Signs’ to Make ‘Passion’
It was a sign from heaven that inspired him to make “The Passion of the Christ,” Mel Gibson has revealed. The sign: A complete stranger approached him several years ago. Out of nowhere the stranger, a French woman, walked up to him and said, “Jesus loves you”. “There were signals like this all over the place,” the New York Daily News reports Gibson recalling in a documentary about the making of the film […]

James Caviezel, who plays Christ, said he got an equally eerie sign six months before he auditioned for the role of Christ when another stranger came up to him and said, “You’ll be playing Jesus.”According to the News, Caviezel noted that his initials are J.C. and that he was 33 – the same age as Jesus when he was killed.

Mel Gibson’s ‘Christ’ Reveals Crucifixion
After being struck by lightning, the main character, James Caviezel, said “I was lit up like a Christmas tree, […] It felt as if I had two hands slapping my head and all of a sudden I had 200 extras scurrying. I had no idea what happened. All I was seeing was pink and a kind of a fuzzy static in front of my eyes.”

Caviezel said that when one of the crew came over to check if he was OK, he was struck by lightning, too. Asked if he thought the lightning strike was “a sign from God,” Caviezel told Hannity, “I think the whole thing has been that way.” Noting “the amount of conversions on the movie,” he said the experience of filming Christ’s story “really changed people’s lives.”

Caviezel recalled telling Gibson, “I think it’s very important that we have mass every day – at least I need that to play this guy. I felt if I was going to play him I needed [the sacrament] in me. So [Gibson] provided that.”

At the same time, Caviezel said, Gibson went out of his way to be “very respectful to people like Maya Morgenstern, who’s Jewish and whose parent was a Holocaust survivor.” Morgenstern plays the Virgin Mary in the film. He defended “Passion” against charges by critics that the film encourages anti-Semitism, stressing that it offers sympathetic portrayals of Mary, the Apostles and other Jewish figures.

“There’s no broad brush applied here to any particular group, […] This film does not play the blame game. We are all culpable for the death of Christ,” added the film’s star. “My sins, your sins put him on that cross.”

Most offensive, greatest tribute
Any movie telling an accurate account of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ will and must elicit a stinging rebuke from the world. Anybody can make a film about a great guy named Jesus, an itinerate carpenter-teacher humbly dispensing words of wisdom just like Buddha, Confucius and the Dalai Lama – nobody gets offended, everybody’s happy. However, no other recognised spiritual leader in history has claimed deity, nor have they been killed and brought back to life. Jesus drew a line in the sand between Himself and all past and future “spiritual leaders.”

Jesus Himself said His message would put His followers on one side of the line and all other humanity on the other. Jesus claimed to be the only way to God the Father – He alone is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

In “The Passion of the Christ” Jesus is clearly shown as the Son of God. And unlike many movies that end with Jesus on the cross, this one, in the last brief scene, shows Christ in His tomb resurrected in the promised victory over death. No wonder that, because of unbelief, this could well be the single most offensive movie ever made. At the same time, it could also become the finest and greatest tribute to Jesus Christ we have ever seen on the screen.


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