God’s cure for the West

As outlined earlier, Western society has lost its sense of mission and purpose on Earth. Once, we were granted the honour of carrying the transforming Gospel message to the lost world. Now, by a gradual shift of public morality, Christian norms are hard to find, and the great European nations that produced some of the […]

Quick roundup, more later, maybe

* Bic Runga tars Christchurch ‘racist’ – hope she refunds all the CDs we bought. A stray remark from a bloke in a pub and suddenly the whole city is a seething hotbed of racial turmoil. Has she heard of Bosnia, Zimbabwe, or Israel. Racial tribalism is a human universal. Not that I wish to […]

Welcome to Neverland

Western culture has lost its moral compass. Youth and consumerism are the new social ideals. The liberal elites seek to become further entrenched by balkanizing the populace with mass immigration and the victim culture, or bribing them with the allurement of absolute sexual autonomy, supposedly without responsibility. Traditional values, which formed the foundation of the […]

Wishlist time!

Right, since other people seem to be doing it, I thought I would create my Amazon Wish List. It’s nice to dream. I know, greed is a deadly sin![note: I love the way that blogging organizes my thoughts – never mind about the rest of my life]. The Ultimate Garage McLaren F1 Jaguar XJ BMW […]

Pungent analysis from SockThief

Please excuse the mindless link propagation – there are so many great resources out there! In his article: More pushing of barrows, SockThief points out (yet again) the anti-science stance of Left/Liberal political elites. They tend to deny the fundamentals of human nature in order to further their utopian visions. A voice in the wilderness, […]

Pathetic pundits pan ‘The Passion’

Gertrude Himmelfarb of the Washington Post has criticized The Passion of the Christ without seeing it. Her attack is basically that the movie is an act of social irresponsibility. She offers a couple “how would you feel” thought experiments. The excellent response of David Heddle is: On a stupidity scale of 1 to Bishop Spong, […]