Quick roundup, more later, maybe

* Bic Runga tars Christchurch ‘racist’ – hope she refunds all the CDs we bought. A stray remark from a bloke in a pub and suddenly the whole city is a seething hotbed of racial turmoil. Has she heard of Bosnia, Zimbabwe, or Israel. Racial tribalism is a human universal. Not that I wish to defend it – just pointing out that racism is practically nil in CHC. At least NZ seems able to hold a racial debate with some civility (after much cajoling from Don Brash).

* in a Listener letter: some muslim dude pokes the passion and deity of Christ a) would I be allowed to deny Mohammed in a Muslim country? b) I hope the dear old listener allows a debate on the comparative merits of each religion c) I would rather worship and serve Jesus Christ any day; being human and created in the image of God is a great honour d) How does the Passion detract from God’s glory? After a mere 33 years of humility, Jesus carried the sins of the world, conquered death, and now reigns in resurrected glory. Faith in Jesus has been the motivator of immeasurable good in the world.

* in the sunday star times: some lefty professors label maxim conference ‘racist’ by virtue of the fact that kkk members allegedly went to listen to speakers in the usa a) they made no attempt whatever to address any argument made by maxim, they just resorted to ad hominem b) by their logic, would the maxim speakers be magically sanctified lefties if the profs attended the conference?
OK, I concede they did complain about the theme of ‘Political Correctness‘: ie. that this label is uncharitably applied to social welfare policies that aid the unfortunate. But this also fails to address the issue at hand: the attempts by radical social engineers to redefine language, and stifle debate. In fact the good professors themselves exemplify the problem that Maxim seeks to counter, judging by their polemic and irrelevant letter.

* an incoherent listener article devoted to making NZ a totalitarian communist republic owned by multinational corporations
i will expand on these soon. stoopid news media!


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