God’s cure for the West

As outlined earlier, Western society has lost its sense of mission and purpose on Earth. Once, we were granted the honour of carrying the transforming Gospel message to the lost world. Now, by a gradual shift of public morality, Christian norms are hard to find, and the great European nations that produced some of the most elevated and noble works of art and culture, retreat in the moral decline evident everywhere.
Although we have neglected the charge of taking up the Gospel message, hope is not lost. There are great prophetic promises for those nations who respond to the call of the Spirit, and forsake their selfish pursuit of worldly wealth, pleasure and prestige. In the early 1900’s Wales was in a dark time, but this was completely swept away by the greatest revival in recent times. Should the Lord so desire, it is an easy thing for Him to send revival again.

While the moral decline in the West deepens, the Christian Church continues to grow:
The Unfinished Task, at JoshuaProject.net
How God Saved Civilization, at JimGarlow.com
Global Gospel: Christianity Alive & Well in the Southern Hemisphere, at religion-online.org
The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity


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