Attack of utter laziness

I am still alive. A million random events and dilemmas have recently been turning my brain to porridge. I am at work finishing off a complex yet boring project. I gotta stiop being such a perfectionist. I am missing out on a mad church event – open mike night. Never mind. Here’s a few of the conundrums and enigmas I have been attempting to make sense of:

  • the relationship issue, girls are such inscrutable creatures
  • work has been topsy turvy, considering changing jobs, have plenty on my plate already
  • my flat was festering, but my good mate Fil came and kindly helped reorganise everything (I almost bailed but had a change of heart)
  • have had heinous money messes lately, the dentist, credit cards, random trips to Wellington
  • just bought a new computer, have wasted lots of time on it

Control, you must learn Control, young Jedi


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