woolly liberal cleric

fisking of an annoying load of crud from stuff.co.nz, 31 August 2004

Gay minister says hardline stance scares her

A gay Hamilton [heretical] church minister [not ministering the Gospel] who supports the Civil Union Bill [a weasel word for gay marriage and redefining marriage in hundreds of pieces of legislation] says the hardline stance [for scandalously daring to identify sin as morally wrong] of people like Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki scares her [because she might be exposed as a fraud for teaching that Christians should abide by woolly liberal notions of compassion above all, discard stuffy old orthodoxy, and hold carnal passions in higher esteem than the Lord their Creator].

Rev Dr Susan Thompson, a minister at St Paul’s [ahh you mean St Paul who prohibited homosexual offences] Methodist [revisionist] Church, says loud conservative Christian voices do not represent the majority of Christian opinion [except for the Apostles, Prophets, Church Fathers from ancient times, 1 billion Catholics, and Evangelical denominations exploding across the 3rd World].

“The thing that scares me about Destiny Churches is the absolute certainty [horrible word, absolute, with all its religious overtones] people like Brian Tamaki [successful ,articulate, brown] have that they know what God wants [because God only speaks to liberal academics] and (that) they know the difference between right and wrong and good and evil [what a shocker, a preacher who dares to presume the existence of moral absolutes]. “

Last week, Mr Tamaki organised a march involving 5000 [dont forget obligatory adjectives: fascist hatemongering homophobic bigoted] protesters outside Parliament as a stand against the Civil Unions Bill, which legally recognises same-sex relationships.

She said everyone had the right to voice their own opinions, but found it difficult when someone said everyone must believe what they did [so shut up while we indoctrinate your children with homosexual propaganda].

“I don’t particularly want to be a poster child for gay rights [endorsement of sexual anarchy], but I guess I see it as part of my calling as a minister.”

Dr Thompson, who recently presented her submission to a Parliamentary select committee on the bill, said she based her opinions on the love and support she had received from her congregation, another congregation in Hamilton and Christians around the country [rather than the witness of orthodoxy, creation, and the Bible].

“I told them (the committee) about my own experience as a Christian minister and a lesbian minister … I think they were stunned into silence.”

Dr Thompson said the Bible was a colourful and deeply spiritual book, but it was written 2000 years ago [actually 66 books by 40 authors on 3 continents spanning 4000 years, all attesting to the one true God] and was a product of its time and context [aren’t we all my dear?].

Conservative groups saw the Bible as the literal word of God [funny how it has been instrumental in the conversion of millions of souls] and considered every word an unchanging truth [and God is just an academic theory, religion is just the opiate of the masses], she said.

“I guess I always look at Jesus and his example and see someone who talked about God as love and God as a really radically inclusive love. Jesus talked about a God who welcomed everybody [we will just ignore the bits of the Bible we don’t like, such as Genesis 1:27, Leviticus 18:22, Matthew 19:4, Romans 1:18-32, 1 Cor. 6:9, 1 Timothy 1]”

Dr Thompson said she had always been open about being a lesbian and nine months ago fell in love with a Christchurch woman. “People were happy because they could see I was happy,” she said. “They celebrated with me and welcomed my partner with warmth and enthusiasm [affirming our disordered state, much like alcoholics together at the pub]”

She said she and her partner had a committed, serious loving relationship. But there was no legal recognition for it [and everybody needs the blessing of the Almighty State rather than the invisible, transcendent God].

She hoped the Civil Union Bill would be passed and said she would love to offer same-sex couples services of blessing [helping them to feel good about ignoring God]


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