Bloggers also fighting over Fallujah

SockThief examines MSM outrage over the US “war crime” in Fallujah, versus its blasé attitude to yet another detestable crime by vile terrorist insurgents.

NoRightTurn then takes it upon himself to write an article worthy of Al-Jazeera. He(?) suggests that the apparent executioner will get off, by spuriously questioning the integrity of US military justice.

He then smears the attack on Fallujah as a careless assualt on civilians, even though the US has shown heroic restraint and respect for the wishes of the interim government, by delaying the invasion as long as possible. They warned civilians to leave for several weeks. What brilliant alternative does NRT suggest for the USA? It seems he would be happy to allow rampant murder, lawlessness, and terrorist recruiting to continue in that benighted city.

How about this for US moral superiority: THEIR TROOPS WEAR A UNIFORM, they do not hide behind innocents, using them as human shields. US forces aim for minimum civilian casualties, terrorists glorify death and rejoice in maximising mass murder.

NoRightTurn is blinded by rabid anti-Americanism.
SageNZ provides a cure for this ailment here and here.


2 thoughts on “Bloggers also fighting over Fallujah

  1. your all dumb Al-Fallujah made us stronger 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 that will be troop deaths if you stay

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