Aspiring to Sweden’s "success"

EverlastingMan has a great riposte to our glorious leader’s aspiration to be like Sweden (and their high tax regime): as they have discarded all traditional values and embarked on an ill-considered social experiment, they are now confused as to why their society is insular, balkanized, and rude.

Perhaps it is because the ultimate result of establishing Man as the centrepiece of existence and morality, logically leads to a culture of selfishness and discarding all moral restraint.

The publication used by EverlastingMan,, is filled with disturbing stories. My brief sampling found…: Pornographic stories read to 6-yo schoolkids, the discovery of brothels in unexpected places, national hockey players in sex scandal, or the growth of a despicable white slave trade in prostitution.

EverlastingMan describes their colossal welfare machine, and its effects on Swedish families. Fewer people opting for marriage, more children born out of wedlock, no subsidies for male parents (??!!), fertility treatment for lesbian couples (but none for single heterosexuals), abortion relentlessly advocated, politicians double-dipping and poorly educated, worrisome sick leave trends, and an acute epidemic of depression.

Great plan, Labour.
The implementation seems to be on track.


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