Mister Speaker!

NZ Political Comments” went to see our new Speaker of the House, Margaret Wilson (heaven forfend!), revealing his desire to purge NZ of the Christian ethos. My response will be in the next post.

St. Molesworth (whatever that means), also chips in with a new Top 10 ways Parliament will be different.


4 thoughts on “Mister Speaker!

  1. To be precise: I want New Zealand to be tolerant of all communities and all religions, I do not see Christianity as being somehow above other religions. The House of Representatives should be just that, representative, and it cannot do that while putting one set of beliefs (Christianity) over another set (such as Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, Athiest [my set]). That is wrong.
    The seperation of the state and church is one of the fundamental parts of the Enlightenment. You may not like it, but it is. The state has essentially forced its views of religion onto others, and that is unacceptable.

    You need to look at the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), article 2.

  2. As discussed in the above post on Western Civilization, the problem with the logical extension of the secular Enlightenment is that its proponents take things too far. They fail to recognise the Christian foundations of our culture, and think that any reference to religion should be removed from public life. Frankly I think this is inhuman. Public life, while not aggressively religious, should neither be aggressively atheistic. Remove the cult, and our culture loses its way. “Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint” (Somewhere in the bible). Now that Enlightenment humanists have captured education, government, and the media, Christianity is derided. People have turned to paganism to fill their natural thirst for God.

  3. The enlightenment has proved Christianity to be wrong on a number of fronts (evolution, the world being round, the impossibility of a super-natural being). Why should it be the centre of our society? Why should I be forced into following Christian festivals? Or do you only extend rights to Christians?

    Yes Christianity is the origin of our society, but so to is Judiasm, Paganism and animism. Why shouldn’t we make these central to our society?
    We over-ride them with new ideas, and that has happened with Christianity, welcome to the 21st century

  4. Thankyou for your reply; briefly let me say that in forming the edifice of western culture, the role of Judaism, Paganism, animism, atheism, etc, were miniscule compared with the major contributions of the Christian faith. It extended to every area of life, and Christendom grew strong because it was based on a sure and true foundation. An upcoming blog post with deal directly with your specific claims.

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