Thinking happy thoughts

The ultimate Kiwi blogger, one Mr. David P. Farrar (esq.), proprietor of (I am not worthy of a link from his blogroll), has started a local meme around the NZ blogosphere. He has attempted to take a break from his usual rhetoric against all things Left, (for the sake of his mental health), and embarked on a procedure of identifying admirable qualities (here and here) about each of our honourable Members of Parliament. The rest of the local bloggers are looking on with amusement; what could he possibly say about Lianne Dalziel, or Ashraf Choudhary?

The denizens of that lair of right-wing iniquity, “Dog Biting Men” have been inspired to present a “realistic” account of the political parties, and their adherents.

The eternally youthful EverLastingMan provides his take on the parties, appearing despondent about our representatives, but hoping in the common sense of the grassroots public. I also hope common sense will prevail, but I doubt it is very common these days. He writes:

GK Chesterton was absolutely right when he stated; “When it comes to matters of national interest, I do not care for the posturings of our leaders; give me the common sense opinions of the raging mob anytime; after all, they are the ones who have to live with the decisions; our political leaders are immune to normal rules, as much as they are immune to normal behaviours, and one suspects, normal patterns of thought”.

Of course that is the great fear among the political and social elite; that the mob actually realises and acts upon this raw democratic ability. That is why Helen (and the others) spend so much time grooming the media and making sure that everything is kept under a tight seal.


2 thoughts on “Thinking happy thoughts

  1. my one advise on getting onto people’s blogrolls, comment. that’s how I found your blog (NZPolCom).

    It would be very interesting to see Athenian democracy in action in New Zealand, I’m pretty sure that the welfare state would survive and be strengthened though.

  2. Thanks Greg, I am sure it would be interesting to see the welfare state become as pervasive as Sweden’s. I doubt it would be pleasant though.

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