Gnosticism at RZIM?

A National Geographic article “Beyond the Brain“, written from the publication’s typical naturalist perspective, prompted a response from one of Ravi’s fellow apologists (“More than a Brain“). While a critique of this article is entirely warranted, Dale Fincher at A Slice of Infinity, went too far when he claimed:

Corina is more beautiful than her brain, for Corina is more than her brain. It is in her brain that much activity happens. But she is not located there. She is a soul who uses her brain to navigate the world that God has made.

Unfortunately he didn’t make clear the holistic Christian perspective that body, soul, and spirit are intertwined : your body is as much as part of you as your soul. When someone looks at you they may say (impolitely): “You are fat”. Do they refer to the soul? of course not. A commonly held Christian view of the human person is:

  • Body – physical realm, created to do good works on Earth
  • Soul – seat of mind, will, and emotions: for cognitive processes, decisions, feelings
  • Spirit – the spark of life within, the core id, communicates with God in the spiritual realm. The deepest identity, from which emanates love and true fellowship with others and worship of God.

When you pray, all of your being ought to be involved. Ideally interaction with Heaven is not an merely an esoteric spiritual event, but perhaps your body would kneel, your soul would feel at peace, and you spirit would worship the Lord.


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