Incarnational reality

Steve the e-mergent kiwi, wrote a tantalising article mentioning his work on Proclaiming the Scandal of the Cross, a sequel to the book, Recovering the Scandal of the Cross
Cool, that book is going on my Amazon wishlist. I am very interested in the holistic view of atonement, and incarnational theology. Leeanne Payne wrote a great book ‘Real Presence‘ which I need to buy (again). David Moore, the vicar at St Lukes on Manchester St, has also spoken of this. I usually attend an evangelical, charismatic church (which I love dearly), but something about the Eucharist at St Lukes really moves me. I like my faith a little fuzzy around the edges! :o) [I also like to be opinionated]

Particuarly interesting is the claim that the Crucifixion was more than atonement for sin; it is some kind of redemption of all Creation from its fallen state..?! This is supported elsewhere in Scripture but not explored very often in my church, possibly because of its hippie tree-hugger overtones! Since the Resurrection, the world exists in a state of anticipation, a sort of ‘already here, but not yet’ realization of the full Presence of God on earth.

However I do have a problem with some churches that try to expand this theology into a central doctrine, putting aside the urgent missions of evangelism and ministry to the suffering.

UPDATE: since this entry is copied from my old site, comments are found below:

steve wrote:
glad you found my blog entry “tantalising” – i preached on hoiho penguins and Jesus last week; can send you a copy of that if you want … email me …


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