Cracks appearing in MSM hegemony

Around the local blogosphere at the moment, several writers note the shortcomings of our all powerful popular media. Three Point Turn applauds John Tamihere’s “honesty” in saying:

(The Parliamentary press gallery are) utterly and totally useless. And sycophantic. You know and I know there’s no investigative journalism done in that bloody gallery. In the information age, we’ve got more ignorant people out there than there’s ever been.

The unstable, acerbic contributors to DogBitingMen are pimping their votes to any politician who will ban various things, such as:

use of the term ‘MSM’; Wanganui & Michael Laws; and bloggers thinking they are media (comparing bloggers to the gossipy old woman in the staff lunch room, who reaches as many people as half the bloggers in New Zealand).

David Farrar’s monthly blog stats roundup tells a different story, with an incredible amount of material produced in March (The total number of posts on NZ political blogs was 1,622 in March with 7,549 comments made). And last month DPF had a record 83,346 unique visits! Hardly the statistics of irrelevant gossip.

This blog features in DPF’s stats for the first time! w00t! And prolific newcomer, Home Throne & Altar has shot into the “Heavy blogging” stats. (Not that I am jealous or anything :o/ ).

And closing the theme of media critiques, there are a few people keeping their eyes/ears peeled at RadioNZBias, Reinventing TVNZ, and MediaNZ. And how could I forget Propaganda News Network?


4 thoughts on “Cracks appearing in MSM hegemony

  1. Sir Humphrey’s gets around 300 hits a day now, only two weeks old. I think NZers really want alternative commentary and news sources, its just a matter of time before the present blogs permeate New Zealanders email.

    (Also DBM are a bunch of sour hacks out of the 90s)

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