North Island logs off the Matrix

According to the Herald, half the telecommunications in the North Island are suffering major outages; Telecom fault paralyses communications in North Island20.06.05 13.00pm UPDATE Two separate cable faults have paralysed Telecom’s broadband internet and mobile networks in the North Island, overloading landlines for much of the country. The outage, which occurred at 10.48am, also crashed […]

Secularism = freedom FROM religion?

Despite their fervent claims otherwise, the graduates of our emphatically atheistic, secular higher education, think that the concept of ‘secular state’ or ‘secular education’ mean that any claim to absolute truth is a priori inadmissible. Suffice to say then, that religious instruction, particularly Bible studies from an unashamedly Christian perspective, are not a valid part […]

Suppressing the Truth

Eating Media Lunch, by incorrigible “bad boy” Newsboy (Jeremy Wells), is the most blatant, shameless attack on Christian values that I have seen in the NZ news media. Last week his piece on “Political Correctness” was a withering, sarcastic (and strangely entertaining) attack on any and all opponents to the march of the new morality. […]

Labour: a self-serving political elite

Recently unearthed from today’s random googling: an ‘autopsy of NZ social democracy’ in a Marxist mailing list!!(quotes): The proposition that the NZ Labour Party, originally founded by working class rebels in a remote past, is still social democratic today, belongs strictly to the realm of religious delirium. If you screw workers and beneficiaries by cutting […]

Beatitudes for the 21st Century

by Huw Luscombe : Cairns, Australia Blessed are the poor in body fat      For theirs is the world of fashionBlessed are those who sell      For their friends will all become clientsBlessed are the tolerant      For they shall inherit mediocrityBlessed are those who hunger and thirst for the environment      For they shall be patronisedBlessed are open-minded      For they may well know […]

The god I don’t believe in

A god who loves pain, and makes himself feared,a god who catches man by surprise in a sin of weakness,a god who condemns material things,     and plays at condemning people,a god who flashes a red light against human joys,a god who demands that if a man is to believe,      he must give up being […]