Labour: a self-serving political elite

Recently unearthed from today’s random googling: an ‘autopsy of NZ social democracy’ in a Marxist mailing list!!

  • The proposition that the NZ Labour Party, originally founded by working class rebels in a remote past, is still social democratic today, belongs strictly to the realm of religious delirium.
  • If you screw workers and beneficiaries by cutting their incomes, putting them out of jobs, and selling off state assets, you may of course generate some extra cash in the account, but this is not a material basis of a social democracy. It is a material basis for a self-serving political elite and its hangers-on, who have some spare cash to pay consultants to come up with some ideas about how to keep the society together.
  • If you are a socialist in New Zealand, you might as well say you are a socialist and declare yourself for the uncompromising defence of workers and the poor. If not, the only other thing you can be is either a groovy populist club of nice people with some feminists, some Maoris, some poor people and superannuitants needing some heartfelt sympathy, or else a loony.
  • supposing – stretching the imagination – that you would get at some future date a social democratic government in New Zealand again with a project for national salvation, like in the 1930s. What would it look like, and what could they do? The New Zealand economy is more integrated in the world economy than its was ever before, and more dependent on foreign investment than before, a virtual playground of the multinationals.
  • Any would-be social democratic government worthy of the name would immediately provoke massive capital flight, and would be forced to revolutionary methods, large-scale nationalisations and so on.

(end quote)

Labour is walking a fine line. NZ is beholden to international capital, so restricting the truly socialist agenda they long to implement. Therefore Labour like to make a big hoo-ha over their reform of social morals, under the guise of ‘compassion’.. but that’s a subject for another article.


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