update from my brain

sunday: Blogging like mad til 5am, on my political rant blog. Slept in, then MORE blogging. Missed my usual Sunday arvo badminton club. Took off for a run instead. Late to church too, but thats ok because it was a baptism service for people that I don’t know. Visited ex’s place, watched a dvd, but got bored and went home.monday: Rolled in to work. More data conversions (delta extracts & rate plans). Also had miserable time chasing up $220 that some evil company owes me. Lunchtime badminton. Church group (18plus) was full on. Emma, Janelle on relationships. Andy on sex, personal purity etc. Hard-hitting. Went home and read bible.

tuesday: Same old crap at work. Almost went to bible study with Fil and Teish, but instead went to see Batman Begins with Eric & Allan at Riccarton mall. Scoffed a sinful macadamia/toffee icecream. Yum!

wednesday: Finished up those particular data conversions, expect more to come. Lunchtime badminton with the Chinese guys again. Possible vacancy at other software house. Restarted java training, downloaded java, mingw, msys installs to CD. Washed car!! Visited badminton club at Yaldhurst, awful courts – just tiled concrete. Shoes started to disintegrate. I was the only European there, lots of chinese spoken. Don’t think I will go back, it was too hard on the hips and knees, no organised games, courts are wrong size, nets seem too low too. At home, spent ages installing java etc on the laptop. Arrgh, silly me, hardly any sleep!

thursday: Twiddling thumbs at work. Not a lot scheduled right now, boss threatens a big deluge next week. Limping a bit from punishing games last night. Shopping spree at Rebel Sports (sale): New shoes, racquet, long johns, hat. Yippee!! Mr. & Mrs. Peterson are in town to see Katherine play in the NZ National Band (nznationalband.com). They kindly invited me to come along too. Nice to see the good old neighbours from the East St. gang. Good time catching up. The performance was excellent, they are All Blacks of brass bands, so they are rightly proud of Katherine’s selection to go to the world champs. I liked the euphonium the best I think; the xylophone was cool too. Katherine’s timpani (sp?) was cool, I could see her blonde head zooming around the percussion section, behind all the brass players.

friday: “blackout” day at work. Some kind of team event at 4:30, but I have some stinkin work scheduled for 6. Also have a dinner invite at 6. Considering taking off to Waimate for the day (Saturday) with Eric. Hmm..


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