Why ID is OK

Recent wrangling by The Everlasting Man (in the news here and here) shows a passing familiarity with the arguments for Intelligent Design. The mechanical arguments proposed to bolster ID (irreducible complexity, specified complexity, mini machines?!?, poking holes in the fossil record) are not overly convincing, and have not merited publication in a peer reviewed academic […]

It’s not the economy stupid

In a classic defense of Conservative thinking, Home Throne Altar highlights Roger Douglas’s 1996 book “Completing the Circle“. Although vilified by the left, he reveals deep concern for balancing social justice, democracy, and capitalism. In Douglas’s own words: RD: The Left continues to promote a system that ends up making hundreds of thousands of New […]

Abridged too far?

A little Canary told me an interesting story: A “hurried” generation who “don’t know anything about the Bible – or Christianity” – this week received the most condensed paraphrase of the Bible to date. Author Revd Martin Hinton describes his 57-page The 100-minute Bible as “a gateway to the Bible for everybody”. The ex-headmaster dedicated […]