The power of words

I was recently dismayed to discover that my writings have travelled further than I expected, and to the hurt of an innocent person. I’m mortified by my naïveté and lack of consideration for people named.

Blogging has been a huge distraction to me, from more pressing (mundane but important) matters that are overdue for my attention. I’m not sure if I will post again. If I do, it will be with far more reflection, and far less righteous indignation.

May the Good Lord bless you, and guard your hearts and minds as you travel the web.


3 thoughts on “The power of words

  1. Aaaah yes; I should have heeded this as a warning upon reading it. It is so hard to know whether one should have gone about things another way, or whether offence is merely part of the journey.

  2. Thanks for dropping by. I reckon it’s better to try things and make mistakes, than to cower in a stagnant comfort zone. I’m sure your workmates will get over themselves ..!

  3. It’s not about workmates “getting over themselves”. Their concerns were legitimate, and the way I implicated them in my writings was wreckless and irresponsible. I have admitted my mistake, and thankfully my workmates have the grace to get over me 🙂

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