Advanced Bible Quiz

Alistair.Adversaria has created an Advanced Bible Quiz. Certainly a challenge! Give it a go. Looks like I need to read more of the Word, less of the Net :o/

You rank 38% on the biblical comprehension scale.


You obviously have a respectable level of biblical knowledge. However, you fall just a little short of the standard of this advanced biblical comprehension test. Perhaps a more focused Bible-reading plan would improve your biblical knowledge.

How Well Do You Know Your Bible?
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8 thoughts on “Advanced Bible Quiz

  1. hey peasant,

    Been a bit quiet round here lately. Good to see you back. although that Bible quiz was a bit of a joke. Knowing Bible trivia has little benefit really. Who cares what order three obscure Romans appeared in the book of Acts. . . I wouldn’t stress out about not knowing that stuff. Much better to try and live an ortho-praxy that just have orthodoxy in in the mind!

  2. Well I felt like a good quiz challenge. Can you beat my score?

    I would agree that right actions (orthopraxy) are *at least* as important as right teaching (orthodoxy). But I am conscious of my ongoing need to ingest the Scriptures; a practice I tend to neglect!

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