D(r)aft Statement on Religious Perversity

I have sincere reservations about the intentions of those discussing the so-called “National Statement on Religious Diversity”. I would prefer it to be a “National Statement on Religious FREEDOM”. The pre-eminence of “The State” in Principle #1 is egregious. The claim that NZ has no established religion is anti-historical, false, and unbelievably arrogant. Principle #2 […]

Principalities and Powers

Clark’s radical communist coterie is promoting a religion of secularism, in which the State becomes God, and any prior claims to truth or authority are deemed traitorous. It’s not lunacy, it’s a long range plan of sinister subtlety. MrTips writes: In each and every one of these cases the approach of the factions pushing these […]

Enshrining Rebellion

How dare these petty bureaucrats dictate to reasonable parents. What pigheaded utopianism could possibly commit such a crime against common sense. Bradford’s bill is no law. It is lawlessness in every home. Leftist academics and politicians are a very strange breed. Their enlightened mission is to free the misguided, grubby masses from the shackles of […]