Enshrining Rebellion

How dare these petty bureaucrats dictate to reasonable parents. What pigheaded utopianism could possibly commit such a crime against common sense. Bradford’s bill is no law. It is lawlessness in every home.

Leftist academics and politicians are a very strange breed. Their enlightened mission is to free the misguided, grubby masses from the shackles of tradition, morals, personal property, and responsibility. It’s Helen’s diabolical marxist dream come true.

The consequences of this slimy piece of legislation are already being seen. Labour’s pet union, the teachers, will be reporting all misdemeanours to Big Sister [See NZConservative.blogspot.com]

Q: What kind of self-righteous a**hole thinks they know better than 80% of the population, rams through controversial laws with no regard to the long term outcomes, & attempts to turn human nature on its head?

A: A deluded fool? OR A dishonest, aggressive ideologue who is determined to mould NZ into the image of failed totalitarian toilets like Sweden, Cuba, or Russia.

PS. Happy ANZAC day Helen. May all true-hearted Kiwis see through your lies and vote against the corrupt, power-mad Labour party.


  • NZConservative: Worry about teachers asking about smacking
  • Herald: Your Views: The debate on the smacking deal continues
  • Ian Wishart: Labour adopts version of Key s59 amendment
  • 4 thoughts on “Enshrining Rebellion

    1. Hi Rob or Sara, I’m sorry if I was unclear. A simple mathematical proof follows.

      Assume x = 1 and y = 1.
      Then obviously
      (step 1): x = y
      (step 2, multiply both sides by x): x^2 = xy
      (step 3, subtract y^2 from both sides): x^2 – y^2 = xy – y^2
      (step 4, factorize): (x + y)(x – y) = y(x – y)
      (step 5, cancel (x -y) term):
      (x + y) = y
      2 = 1

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