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Fjordman turns the pro-Islam, anti-Medieval Europe propaganda on its head In the middle ages, Europe was a backward mess because Greco-Roman civilization had been destroyed by barbarians, and Islamic piracy, looting, and persecutions snuffed out the light of learning in Southern Europe and Byzantium. So don’t blame Christianity

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Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! || A few short weeks ago, my boss came up to me at work and told me one of the most chilling things I’ve ever been told in person, “Lee, one of our senior vice presidents just called me and asked me to immediately escort you to the fourteenth […]

Handy Excuses for all occasions :)

Doctor: It’s stress. Psych: It’s a chemical imbalance. Chiro: It’s tendonitis. ENT: It’s probably just a cold / the flu. Mechanic: Needs an alignment. Civil Eng: It’s a defect in the material. Chem Eng: It’s impurities in the mixture. Elec Eng: It’s not properly grounded / it’s a short. Comm Eng: Too much radio interference. […]

Theodicy and a Science-Faith synthesis

According to the Myers-Briggs/Keirsey temperament theory, I am not primarily a ‘thinker’ but a ‘feeler’, and a lot of my writing is trying to explain in a rational fashion how I feel about things. Intellectual abstractions, words, rationalizations cannot do justice to the subjective experience of God’s power in my life. “Truth” is encountered not […]

links for 2008-02-21 Dissent from Darwinism can we take seriously the findings of many biologists (particularly where they are big on hypothesis and low on evidence) when their anti-supernaturalistic assumptions are guiding them, like bad police prosecutors, to ignore challenging evidence? (tags: evolution) the evangelical outpost: 33 Things on Evolution and Intelligent Design While I’m not qualified […]

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Hardware companies can’t write software – The INQUIRER let’s face it: hardware companies can’t write software. They only dabble. And most of them, miserably fail. Stop the ghastly flow of rubbish software from the earth-shattering egos of companies who think their users are woolly sheep! Mere Comments: The World that Has No Music in its […]