Handy Excuses for all occasions :)

Doctor: It’s stress.
Psych: It’s a chemical imbalance.
Chiro: It’s tendonitis.
ENT: It’s probably just a cold / the flu.
Mechanic: Needs an alignment.
Civil Eng: It’s a defect in the material.
Chem Eng: It’s impurities in the mixture.
Elec Eng: It’s not properly grounded / it’s a short.
Comm Eng: Too much radio interference.
Construction: It’s a problem with our supplier.
Programmer: It’s a database issue.
DBA: It’s a code issue.
Helpdesk: It’s an ID10T / PEBKAC / Microsoft issue.
Sysadmin: Cosmic Rays / Solar Flares / [insert BOFH reference here]
Project Manager: The budget’s too small.
Finance Manager: The project’s been mismanaged.

And so on…
(Pinched from thedailywtf.com )


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