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A life saved, a friendship born – Features – Dominion Post Pregnant with her second child, unable to swim, and with no lifeboats anywhere near the Wahine’s listing hull, the 23-year-old was forced to trust her daughter to a stranger. So she turned to Brian Papesch, 21, and asked him to take Joanne. (tags: story […]

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Not PC: ‘Storm on the Sea of Galilee’ – Rembrandt Rembrandt’s Storm on the Sea of Galilee (1633) is a genuine masterpiece, and a thrilling use of light and shade and the drama of the storm. This is, or should be, the sort of standard against which tremendous art is judged. (tags: spirit inspiration beauty) […]

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The Press: Perspectives: What history tells us about Jesus [another one by Ross McKerras] “The voice of history is often little more than the organ of hatred or flattery.” So said Edward Gibbon. Nevertheless it is a worthwhile exercise to ask “history” what kind of certainty we can have about the events of Jesus’ to […]

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Challenge Weekly: February 11th 2008 [Select committee ignores victims]: Gambling does funny things to democracy [Casual childbearing]: call for removal of incentives [Should churches be taxed?]: Listener disdains good works and beneficial social outcomes, prefers hostile ideology (tags: gospel society) koantum matters: Antihumanism, or Why the secular fundamentalists have got it all wrong It is […]