links for 2008-03-10

  • When arguing with various critics ā€“ rather than focus and deal with the actual argument I am making, they simply rely on stereotypes. So what would it be like to play chess with someone like that?
    (tags: reason error)
  • it seems remarkable that even the most staunch proponents of evolution fail to recognize the obvious problem intrinsic in teaching the more intelligent 50 percent of the female population that they have a moral imperative to unquestioningly render themsel
    (tags: sex society 1984)
  • Here is the Hillsong number “for all you’ve done.” The song has 3 parts. The opening is fascinating; My savior Redeemer Lifted me from the miry clay I hear echoes of the Old Testament. For example Psalm 40:1 -3; I patiently waited, LORD, for you to hear m
  • There’s a really sad feature article in yesterday’s Sunday Star Times written by a woman in her late 30’s who “writes in defence of the one-night stand.” I found it sad, because while she apparently wrote in defence, her own words showed just how damaging
    (tags: sex society love)
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