BZP Banned; Sheep dip next to be outlawed?

NotPC writes:

Politicians who have just voted to make gangsters rich [by banning BZP / party pills] would do well to brush up on Milton Friedman’s ‘Iron Law of Prohibition’

I expect there will be a rise in crime and death as people turn to unregulated drugs like P and Ecstasy. Good to see the Nanny State has her priorities right! Free speech was also quite a dangerous substance.

This just does not add up. Will prostitution, alcohol, and gambling be banned next? Why not?

PS : A related link, pretty well demolishes Jim Neanderton’s arguments:
NotPC: Fisking the forthcoming party pill ban

PPS: I’ve changed my position significantly on this, after reading the actual research and considering the pros and cons. There is always a tension between Personal freedom vs. Community wellbeing; in this case it’s fairly clear that the “community” arguments do not carry much weight, as harm is minimal and benefit is considerable. The price of this legislation is
– personal freedoms needlessly taken away
– criminalizing 10% of NZers
– waste of police time
– instant black market benefiting criminal element
– mild BZP pills on the same shelf as E and P
– no more regulatory oversight of the industry
– the legal substances are worse!

PPPS: I have personal reasons NOT to like party pills, but that is not sufficient for me to impose my will on the rest of society. Clearly our politicians do not share that compunction.


One thought on “BZP Banned; Sheep dip next to be outlawed?

  1. Glad you liked my mini fisking over at NotPC!

    Its not that the community arguments don’t carry “much” weight. They don’t carry any at all. Either they are grossly overstated, or plain made up.

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