Is the government nuts?

From a letter to the Listener,

The flaying of the media by Prime Minister Helen Clark over her perception of how the media treat the Labour Party is further confirmation of her political neurosis. Dr Lyle Rossiter, psychiatrist and author of The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness, affirms as much when he says the current ideology driving political organisations such as the Labour Party is evidence of a collective mental disorder.
This disorder is recognised as a developmental distortion, which, if left both unrecognised and untreated, results in irrational beliefs and a paranoia of any order, structure, morality or common decency.
The evidence of this developmental disorder in New Zealand politics is there for all to see: politicians acting like spoilt, angry children rebelling against the normal responsibilities of adulthood and encouraging others to do the same; the assumption that a government should meet all a citizen’s needs from cradle to grave; the dismissal of the principles of free choice, voluntary co-operation and moral integrity; an inability to recognise differences in talent, drive, personal appeal and work ethic; the imposition of utopian economic and social equality on our population; the creation of an environment that over-regulates and over-taxes its citizens; and the enabling of a corruption of character, and then facilitating a dependence on the state once the consequences of such corruption of character have become evident.
In creating such an environment, the government has reinforced perceptions of victimisation; enabled infantile claims to entitlement, indulgence and compensation; empowered primitive feelings of envy; and rejected the sovereignty of the individual, forcibly subordinating personal sovereignty to the will of the state.
A formal mental health assessment should be part of the candidate selection process for Parliament, as a number of New Zealand politicians appear to be suffering from a collective madness. But the population voted for the current political incumbents, which raises the question – who are the mad ones?

Steve Taylor (Mt Albert, Auckland)

Gagdad Bob goes even further, deconstructing the nihilist Left and it pornographic tendencies:

What is the ultimate basis of the “culture war,” and by extension, the conflict between conservative classical liberals and illiberal leftists? What is it’s deep structure, the “either/or” at its foundation that is the cause of all the diametrically opposed attitudes on the surface?The culture war is in fact a “war between the states,” the existential states of nihilism vs. theism. For while the left would like you to believe that it is simply a battle between right-wing religious zealots and “free thinking” secular liberals, you can conceptualize it in more subtle ways — for example, a belief in absolute Truth vs. mere opinion, moral absolutes vs. moral relativism, cultural progress vs. multiculturalism, a complex spiritual hierarchy vs. simplistic “flatland” materialism, meaningful existence vs. existential meaninglessness, teleonomic spiritual evolution vs. the mere random shuffling of Darwinian “evolution,” etc. But what is so especially annoying about these hardcore nonbelievers is that they want to impose their new atheocractic testavus on the rest of us.

… liberal individualism divorced form any deeper spiritual impulse does indeed tend to degenerate into a debased, antisocial shadow of itself. You might call it pomographic (as in postmodern) vs. classical liberalism, the latter of which has always recognized the need to cultivate a virtuous population, with the understanding that the whole system breaks down if responsibilities aren’t at least equally emphasized along with rights.


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