Reading Genesis, ignoring Science

A Donkey’s View has been reading The Language of God by Francis Collins, head of the Human Genome project. He claims that

Collins is another of the compromisers, keen to make the Bible palatable to the scientifically-minded atheists, agnostics, or almost Christians. They all give up too much. A key question to ask when reading compromise books is, “Was the Genesis flood global”? If it was not, according to them, their whole position is biblically untenable. And what do they think of the order of creation in Chapters One and Two? Evolution would change the order. Collins is a theistic evolutionist.Christians should be fully conversant with the book of Genesis, as with other books. Upon Genesis rests everything. If you are unconvinced about Genesis, you are heading towards spiritual and perhaps moral and social disaster. Really.

My response:

On what grounds do you presume your literalist interpretation of Genesis to be infallible? I submit to you that many bible colleges (eg BCNZ) allow for a lot of latitude, rather than certitude when interpreting these myth-cloaked passages.

Remember that any reader approaches the text with a full complement of cultural, linguistic, conceptual baggage, and facile readings are not sufficient especially for such fundamental passages.

Truth must be consistent: the Bible story, if true, must cohere with the physical evidence. If there appears a contradiction, it is a valid procedure to question *all* our assumptions, and not be dogmatic.

I think that Theistic Evolution (and Intelligent Design, hopefully) largely succeed in that worthy goal [seeking the truth, and reconciling scripture and science]. Unfortunately Frances Collins is caught between two vehement cultural polemics, and is rejected by both religionists AND materialists.

As I have said before: Truth is much more than ink on paper. God inspired the Book, but we don’t worship a book, we worship the Creator! To understand the world around you, study the actual world. You may find His fingerprints there.


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