links for 2008-03-27

  1. The Press: Perspectives: What history tells us about Jesus

    [another one by Ross McKerras] “The voice of history is often little more than the organ of hatred or flattery.” So said Edward Gibbon. Nevertheless it is a worthwhile exercise to ask “history” what kind of certainty we can have about the events of Jesus’

  2. Stimulus Journal « Why is Lloyd Geering still important?

    [Geering’s ideas] continue to have considerable influence in the media, in academia, and in government circles (including education). That influence is inevitably secularist, working from within Geering’s overarching modernist paradigm, rooted in the Eu
  3. NZ Herald Politics: Roger Douglas: Hard right? No, they’re hard left

    One expects Helen Clark or Michael Cullen to describe conventional economic thinking as irrelevant “hard right” ideology. That sort of deception is their stock-in-trade.

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