links for 2008-03-31

  • Pregnant with her second child, unable to swim, and with no lifeboats anywhere near the Wahine’s listing hull, the 23-year-old was forced to trust her daughter to a stranger. So she turned to Brian Papesch, 21, and asked him to take Joanne.
    (tags: story personal)
  • O possessor of much-better-than-average intelligence: pull down some Barth or Kierkegaard or Thomas Aquinas or Chesterton or Pelikan or Guardini or Tournier or Seraphim Rose or Calvin or Tozer or Reardon or Luther or Pascal or Wojtyla or Lewis. It would s
    (tags: error skool)
  • I wonder if the feminists ever anticipated that their efforts to liberate their breasts would fuel the urges of silly young women to flaunt themselves? Thanks to the syphilitic Labour party for making it cool to be a whore.
    (tags: sex society)

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