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No Minister: Open Letter to Andrew Little Dear Bastard, When I joined your union, I thought you were my friend. I naively imagined you would be working in my interests but I was wrong. Your organization has put the Labour Party before the wellbeing of me and my fellow workers. (tags: economy justice) Advertisements

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Challenge Weekly Archives: February 18th 2008 [NZ warned about “soft” approach] Former jihadist Dr Tawfik Hamid has dire warnings for the Western world, and for New Zealand [Focus needs to be on families] Salvation Army report asks compelling moral questions – what priority have we given to fam (tags: society islam faith) Challenge Weekly Archives: […]

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John Minto : China trade deal a blunder It is difficult to quantify the size of Helen Clark’s blunder when she signs the free-trade agreement with China today because although we don’t know the precise details, it is abundantly clear the agreement will be bad for New Zealand workers, bad fo (tags: 1984 society economy […]

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One Cosmos: The Abstract, the Ponderable, and the Real There is a spiritually totalitarian aspect of science, which can lead man to be trapped in a cold and abstract prison of his own making, and therefore be exiled from the fulsomeness of the living Real. Humans are a “prolongation” of the Real, not reducibl (tags: […]

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Quest For Security – Politics, economics and culture in NZ: Free Trade With China – Signed and Stamped I guess free trade agreements are part of this endless cycle of hollow promises – and after all, we really don’t have many tariffs or protections on any of our economy, no matter how important it is, […]

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the evangelical outpost: Battlestar Galactica Is the Best Show on Television Some people may attempt to dispute the indisputable fact that Battlestar Galactica is the greatest series currently on television and one of the greatest shows ever. They do not realize that to agree is to be in possession of a correct judgment while to […]

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Atheism Sucks!: Sam Harris—Nietzsche’s Madman Harris complains that theistic religions are manmade and make subjective assertions about supernatural transcendence. In its place he seeks establish a manmade religion that makes subjective assertions about material transcendence. (tags: atheism dawkins)