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Incendiary author spares no targets – Christopher Garland – NZ Herald Interview with Christopher Hitchens, one of America’s most prominent journalists and author of “god is not Great’.. the conversation flits from memories of New Zealand – he fondly recalls meeting David Lange and visiting the West Auckland vineyards – to (tags: atheism) Advertisements

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Mary Eberstadt on The Loser Letters on National Review Online Cheering for pornography and omnivorous sex and by extension, broken homes and abused and screwed up kids and all the rest of the revolution’s fallout may not be everyone’s thing; but most of You new atheist Guys have definitely made it Yours. (tags: sex atheism) […]

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Touchstone Archives: The Skeptical Inquirer Maybe what the nay-sayers ought to do is to stop pronouncing in the absence of evidence and start looking for new instruments by which to get some. That is science. When the smart scientist of the seventeenth century was asked, “Is clear water pure?” (tags: atheism)

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Child beating petition falls short at The Standard 2.01 you’d rather wreck a whole generation than give up your self-indulgent idealistic spoilt temper tantrums against families that recognise that children are children, and want to inculcate virtue and self-restraint. bradford and her venomous hordes of lef (tags: society) New Zealand Conservative: The Property Class In […]