links for 2008-06-24

  • The event is being broadcast on GOD-TV. Clearly, whatever is happening, it is happening on a big scale. They have just moved the event into a 10,000 strong venue and many people from around the world are flying to Florida to be part of it.
    (tags: church)
  • How I plan on navigating this movement, and the next one that comes along. Being in the association of vineyard churches for 20 years, means I have seen several movements like this come and go and many are connected to these current ones.
    (tags: church)
  • People are too spiritually self-absorbed, trying hard to get a personal and supernatural touch from God while overlooking others who could benefit from real and practical aid. Walking to the car I noticed a young lady being lifted out of her wheelchair in
    (tags: church)
  • Ian Wishart’s ‘Absolute Power: The Helen Clark Years’ Rewritten as a One-act Play in the Style of Noël Coward’s ‘Brief Encounter’
    (tags: fun)

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