RE: Spiritually abusive evangelism, The science of Addiction, Batman conspiracy, Our adolescent society, and Male confusion

  • J. I. Packer’s “Knowing God”, a remarkable book of theology was way over my head as a teenager, but the premise was revolutionary to me: the basic fact of my life was living to know my creator. It was my relationship with God that was my basic identity. God was the center of the Christian experience, and salvation was an unfolding of the greatness of the Lord. All this stood in contrast to the version of the Christian life that was all around me.

    [Youth pastor] Bill wasn’t excited about Knowing God. In fact, he seemed threatened and angry that I was reading such a book and excited about it. “Your purpose isn’t to know God. Your purpose is to win souls. That’s what you are here on earth to do- be a witness and win others to Christ.” That was his response. I can hear it like it was yesterday, and I still feel the feelings of contradiction that oozed over me.

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  • [One area of research is] the brain’s reward system, powered largely by the neurotransmitter dopamine. Investigators are looking specifically at the family of dopamine receptors that populate nerve cells and bind to the compound. The hope is that if you can dampen the effect of the brain chemical that carries the pleasurable signal, you can loosen the drug’s hold. [Chemically blocking D3 dopamine receptors] interrupts an awful lot of the drugs’ effects. It is probably the hottest target in modulating the reward system.

    Biotech companies are also studying GABA boosters. If dopamine receptors are the accelerator, the brain’s own inhibitory systems act as the brakes. In addicts, this natural damping circuit (GABA), appears to be faulty. Without a proper chemical check on drug-induced pleasure signals, the brain never “slows them down”.

    (tags: mind drugs)
  • [SATIRE] No wonder The Dark Knight has broken record after record in today’s America. It celebrates a system of white, capitalist dominance, minority oppression, and the legitimate militarization of society against ‘insane’ terrorists. What could give greater comfort to the ‘silent majority?’ What could return greater profits to the capitalist investors into The Dark Knight?
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  • It is no exaggeration to say that in the 1960s, the baby boom generation gleefully tore the rearview mirror off the vehicle of civilization, while simultaneously believing that they could put the pedal to the metal on the engine of progress. Is it therefore surprising that so many fatal accidents occurred? The breakup of the family, soaring crime rates, a naturalistic or surreal art that became a celebration of the primitive and subhuman, a deteriorating educational system at all levels, a general recrudescence of neopaganism, with its cult of the body and exaltation of the instincts, women emulating men, men emulating women, the rejection of our own Judeo-Christian wisdom tradition, etc. All because a few adolescents tore the rear view mirror off Dad’s car.
  • Where once a mans word was the law in a household, or in the workplace, these days this is only the case among luddites like fundamentalist Christians. What’s interested me for a while has been thinking through the role of masculinity in a our new, non-patriarchal society … Men who feel self-worth are better men, and men who know their role in society and the family should be less prone to confusion
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