The Missing Voice of the Christian Counter-Culture

This article is an iMonk classic. Read the whole thing.

  • I don’t hear the kinds of voices that shined the light of God on the darkness of racism, that opposed the Vietnam war with a Christian conscience or that awoke to the realities of poverty and corruption in America. Evangelical art seems to reflect the concerns of the status quo, and the easy acceptance of a world where how we feel is the great crisis of our time.Those artists that do find a prophetic voice stand out immediately from the bland majority.

    Listen to Larry Norman’s deliberate echoing of the protest voice of Dylan in his early music. Norman wrote about the environment, the space program, poverty, drugs, government corruption and more. Almost as quickly as Norman’s voice had appeared, it was co-opted by the Jesus movement into songs for the believing faithful. But for that one moment, Norman pointed Christian artists in the direction of being a counter-cultural voice across the same wide spectrum as his “secular” brothers and sisters.

U2 / Green Day show us the way.
“The Saints Are Coming”


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