RE: Finding your Celestial Parent

  • It’s very much analogous to asking “how do I fall in love?” You can get all kinds of advice on the matter, but in the end, it will probably just catch you by surprise. Some things you can’t arrange, only allow.

    Religion very much involves locating your center — which resonates with the ontological center of being — and living out of it. One must have a living relationship with the nonlocal order, not merely a “formal” or conventional one. Prayer, meditation, lectio divina — again, all of these are merely the means to establish and deepen the link to O.

    Locate your center — your psychic being — which is “behind” the empirical ego, and is the blueprint of your true self. Find the divine language, the logos, that speaks to this true self; in a sense, the two cannot be separated, for to find the idiom is to locate the Self and therefore God. Then it’s just a matter of deepening the conversation.


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