Yay Freedom, Democracy, Capitalism!

Somehow all the neocon posturing seems rather questionable. The excesses of debt-fuelled consumerism have proved unsustainable, exacerbated by wildly fluctuating currencies, stocks, and Oil prices. America’s jingoistic military adventures have had decidedly mixed outcomes. It’s time to wake up from the American dream.


In “The Silmarillion” it seems Tolkein wrote with prophetic insight (the LOTR movies struck me the same way). The story is told of a proud and noble race, the Numenoreans, who became stronger than all others upon the Earth, and their science and military prowess had no equal. But of all enemies they could not conquer Death; and they raged against the Gods, saying that Death is an unjust mystery. And when Sauron came and dwelled with them they did not recognise him, and he taught them to become arrogant and pitiless, and to rule with an iron fist. With his lies Sauron darkened their hearts, and they worshipped themselves, and worshipped Sauron, and even turned to human sacrifice. Then at the pinnacle of their power and glory the Numenoreans built a great armada and set sail to the West, to challenge the old gods, and grasp immortality. But the seas opened and swallowed their mighty fleet, and Sauron laughed.


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