RE: Freedom from industrial slavery? Don’t worry, be happy

  • The Government of England, at the moment I write these lines, are racking their brains to find a way of raising money to balance the budget… the majority of us are bound to be the poorer. Why not sow our poverty on soil which cannot fail to give increase, not of poverty, but of wealth? For the peasant possesses real wealth, whereas the stock-and-share millionaire often has little and never produces any.

    We shall have to be content to forgo many luxuries to which we have become accustomed. Our manner of life, and still more the trappings of it, will have to change. But is it such a disadvantage to be rid of the slavery of the office and the factory, and the aching worry of 'keeping up appearances'?

    Happiness has been long absent from England. We bid her depart nearly four hundred years ago when we flung aside the Truth for money. And money since then has built up the toppling tower of industrialism. Let us invite her back under the only conditions in which she can live.

  • The British Humanist Association has been running a fund raising drive to get the needed money to run an advertising campaign on buses in the U.K. The aim is to have the following slogan running on London buses:


    The aim was to raise £5,500 via small public donations, with an ultimate target of £11,000. Richard Dawkins has come to the party and matched the public donations enabling the ultimate target to be hit.

    The campaign is due to start in January and is in part, a response to the ads running on buses right now advertising the Alpha Course.

    I’ve got to say, I think this is fabulous.

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