RE: Guy stuff

  • Who you are is a product of your experience, and also a product of the experiences you did not have. You didn’t talk to that girl, now that’s part of you– you are the guy who was too scared/angry/self-absorbed/whatever to talk to her, and that is an entirely different guy then the guy who does talk to her and it works; and an entirely different guy from the one who gets maced. That was one of the most important days of your life, and you didn’t even know it. Which brings me to the real point: every day is the most important day of your life, and you don’t even know it.

    there are worse things than
    being Alone
    but it often takes decades
    to realize this
    and most often
    when you do
    it’s too late
    and there’s nothing worse
    too late.

    — Charles Bukowski

    (tags: mind)
  • Let’s explore the dysfunction of our education system.

    The Last Psychiatrist writes about the lengthening of childhood and the damage it is causing our children and our society. The Last Psychiatrist specifically addresses the phenomenon of “Redshirting Kindergartners” which means starting them at 6 instead of 5. This gives them advantages in sports and in academics. It is especially popular with upper income white parents. “Kindergarten Redshirting” happens far more often with boys than girls.

    I’m glad The Last Psychiatrist writes anonymously, she speaks heresy. From the post:

    Why boys?

    It’s obvious to anyone who has ever seen a boy that they appear, as compared to a similarly aged girl, completely retarded.

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