Vote National tomorrow ~ New Zealand needs new leadership.


David Farrar has listed ten excellent reasons to vote National:

  1. better management of the economy
  2. winston peters must go
  3. health system bursting at the seams
  4. labour = more tax and spend
  5. repeal the Electoral Finance Act
  6. stronger focus on law & order
  7. labour’s record of political interference in public service
  8. education needs help
  9. lefty coalition will have mishmash of radical policies, economy down the priority list
  10. John Key will be great PM !

Allan Chesswas also made some excellent points from a Christian perspective:

Who do you trust? Why I’m voting two ticks National

I promoted National at the last election due to their conservative record against prostitution, civil union and abortion reforms, their generally conservative and theologically friendly outlook, their preference for small government and distaste for welfare dependency, their trustworthiness and their credibility.

This election is not going to be about whose policies are best. They are just too similar. What the election will really be about is who do I trust.

And my answer to Helen Clark’s question of trust is … the National Party.

I am always so impressed by the character and friendliness of National party MPs that I meet. In the last couple of weeks I have had the pleasure of helping Stephen Franks canvass for the Wellington Central electorate, and experienced the basic humanitarian goodness of Stephen and his wife Catharine when I’d had my jacket, wallet and keys stolen, and they helped me out. Chester Borrows picked me up hitch-hiking a few months ago and gave me a ride from Wanganui to Hawera, and we had a great old chat about education and politics. And it was nice to see the party open to accepting the nomination of Jonathan Young, a pentecostal minister, as canididate for New Plymouth for this election.

As I have already stated, I think that how the next government deals with the recent high court ruling on the illegality of current abortion practice is by far the most important issue to consider, when voting at this election. With Bill English attending pro-life conferences, and Key deftly affirming our current abortion law, but not our corrupt abortion supervisory committee, I think the National Party are certainly best-positioned to address this issue with integrity.


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