Some Christian Humility.

  • I'm sorry for caring more about your beliefs than about you.
    I'm sorry for committing myself to intellectual stupidity out of fear that I might be wrong.
    I'm sorry for condemning honest skepticism.
    I'm sorry for not being sensitive to your cultural and life differences.
    I'm sorry for not listening to your questions.
    I'm sorry for judging you.
    I'm sorry for not going into your world and loving you for you, but instead trying to make you come into my world.

    I hope that Christians can truly be a light to the world. I want to make this world a better place by loving the lonely gangster, ministering to those who suffer from depression, giving a reason for the existence of God (I have yet to find an atheist who would rather that the world is not governed by an intelligent, loving Creator), showing people that God does forgive and makes all things new again, and providing hope to those who are despairing. I hope I can live with a deeper love for you than I have.

    (tags: atheism gospel)

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