RE: How Labour stuffed up — a dissection

  • Congratulations to all those in the Labour Party who stood up for Winston Peters over the last six months and railed against the media conspiracy … your principled stand against common sense, Owen Glenn, public opinion, all the available evidence and every other party in Parliament have helped put John Key and Rodney Hide where they are today. Nice work.

    Congratulations to the Green Party and Sue Bradford; Your hard work in pushing through trophy legislation (Section 59) in the face of overwhelming public opposition has helped put [National] in charge of the New Zealand welfare system.

    And congratulations to all those who promoted and supported the Electoral Finance Act;

    Lastly, congratulations to all those on the left who’ve spent the last three years cheerleading for unpopular, badly written legislation for which the only mandate was your own towering sense of self-rightousness. Enjoy your three (or more) years of a National-ACT government guys; you’ve earned it.


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