Thank-you Clark & Cullen, you have served us well.

[expanding on my comment at Servant’s Thoughts]
It’s a pity to see the ungracious anti-Labour sniping at various corners of the Right-wing blogosphere. Comparisons to Mugabe (for example) are completely OTT and foolish. Clark & Cullen are not bad people, they have done a great job and served NZ far better than National would have (at the time a disorderly rabble). I voted for Clark (in her electorate) in 1999 because like the rest of the country I was severely miffed at National’s right-wing antics under Shipley (who nobody voted for). I voted Labour again in 2002 because they were still following quite a moderate track.

But in their second term Labour took the public’s faith as an endorsement of their unannounced nanny-state agenda, which has seen their support steadily erode. And in the last two elections I’ve voted against Labour because I didn’t like their direction and (it seems to me) they stopped listening to the electorate, showing increasing levels of hubris. So I voted Blue in the weekend, but along with The Standard crew and most of NZ I hope that National’s lurch to the centre is genuine and they hold to their promises NOT to sell the assets Labour has carefully built up in 9 years of mostly good governance. John Key seems far more moderate, personable, and statesmanlike than clumsy Don Brash or radical Bill English, and I trust he will be a steady hand to navigate the economic storms ahead.

I predict that The Standard will take over as NZ’s premier political blog, without Labour antics to complain about, Farrar will become a boring cheerleader for National. To the Standardistas, long may you continue offering robust criticism of the Right.


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