New Zealand is Not For Sale!

nz4saleIn September 2008 the Labour Government took the country by surprise by announcing it was opening negotiations for a full blown Free Trade Agreement with the US. The US has been brought into negotiations to extend a two year old trade and investment agreement, the grandly named Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership – often known as the P4. An earlier proposal to open negotiations with the other current signatories Singapore, Chile and Brunei to extend the P4 into investment and financial services, and to invite the US to join, has become the means to open negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement with the US. New Zealand Not For Sale is a campaign against New Zealand signing any such agreement.

Both Labour and National have regularly proclaimed that a Free Trade Agreement with the US is the Holy Grail of NZ’s cult-like obsession with “free” trade (turning a blind eye to the harmful effects wrought on Australia by its Agreement with the US). The Free Trade Agreement signed with China in 2008 is seen as simply the appetiser before the main course.

There are numerous dangers from such an agreement. Bill Rosenberg explains just what effects it could have in his article Who wins if we get a free trade deal with the US?

Why do our Governments act as if they ‘own’ New Zealand? Newsflash… this country is not yours to sell!


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