RE: Dispelling the myth of private sector ‘efficiency’

  • A great essay from dispels the myth of business efficiency : Aid taking *six months* to reach Ethiopia because of the intervention of big business, whose primary motivations are profit rather than people.

    Interestingly, the true criminals in this case are not the Government, who tried to support local food production, but the big business lobbyists who moved to stop this. While the story characterises this aid as benefiting all Americans, the truth is that that any extra revenue goes towards those who are siphoning off profit from the top of these companies.

    Like Lehman’s “remorse” for shareholders melting away after he took half a billion dollars of profits from the company, profiteering corporations do little to spread the wealth to those everyday Americans now living in tent cities across the United States, having lost their jobs to outsourcing and their homes through foreclosures.


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