RE: Back to Basics

  • After more than a century, attempts to apply Capitalism and Socialism have met with the same disastrous outcome. A select group possesses everything while the majority is either bound to stale and declining wages, or worse, they slide from poverty to destitution… For all their superficial differences, Capitalism and Socialism have much in common. Both bar the laborer, who produces the goods of society, from the means of production. Both discount the role of justice, restrict true freedom, and consolidate power. Both take for granted the materialism of man to the exclusion of his eternal soul.

    Due to growing discontentment with these systems, people are turning to alternatives in the hopes of solving our financial dilemmas. A rising popular philosophy involves nurturing individual initiative and social responsibility, while using the resources of the local marketplace to challenge our current shift towards globalization…

    The name of this movement is Distributism.

  • In Western secular materialist societies, when Christians have sought to claim the public sphere they have been opposed and resisted. Some have been imprisoned. Others have had their children removed from them. Still others have been fined. Courts have ruled against them. Athens has largely successfully resisted Christian attempts to claim the public sphere. But not Islam. Why?

    It’s probably due to vast reserves of oil and capital controlled by Islamic countries, and fear of terrorist attacks. Therefore, discretion is the better part of valour.

    But there is another reason why Islam is confronting Athens so aggressively and winning, whereas Jerusalem is not… Islamic domination is materialistic and outward only. Islam is satisfied with conversion by the sword, by force, by compulsion. Islam is satisfied with external conformity.

    But Christianity, alone, is the faith of the one true Living God… [the Gospel calls for] change from the inside out [prior to external conformity].

    (tags: gospel society)

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