RE: The Reason Why, R. A. Laidlaw

  • THE REASON WHY . . .A Gospel Exposition by Robert A Laidlaw

    This captivating Gospel exposition has helped unnumbered thousands find salvation in Jesus Christ.

    Robert A Laidlaw, CBE, founder of the Farmer’s Trading Company is widely known as one of New Zealand’s most successful and respected businessmen. Born in Scotland in 1885, he was one year old when his parents migrated to New Zealand. At the age of twenty-three he commenced a mail order business in Auckland, which grew into a retail organization with a staff of 2,700.

    It was Robert Laidlaw’s concern for his staff which originally prompted the writing of The Reason Why as a testimony to his Christian faith. By 1969, over 16 million copies of this booklet had been printed in more than 30 languages, and thousands of lives had been changed by its Gospel message. A dynamic speaker and inspiring leader, Robert Laidlaw has been described as “one of the world’s great Christian laymen.

    (tags: gospel)

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